On your own myth


On your own myth

Do you think a hero, is a hero all the time?

Do you think someone does spectacular things all the time?

No. We have few moments in life, in which an important decision may be taken.

A decision very hard to take, that may go against all that you expected, all that you believed, and people are used to do.

At this moment, when you take this decision, totally aware, totally guided by the impulse of your heart, by your intuition, by the call of your soul. At this moment, you become a hero.

You become the hero of your life there is no one to be saved. You take your destiny on your hands and you define your own myth, absolutely fantastic, authentic and unique.

We all have the opportunity of these few moments in life and the bitter truth is that in these moments, you are completely alone.

You are completely alone and no one has the obligation to believe in you, except for yourself!

It is a loneliness that corrodes, that hurts deep inside, because there is no resonance anywhere.

You are literally talking to yourself. Some believe you are talking to God.

It doesn’t change. There is resonance nowhere. It is the void.

And you keep on talking to yourself, to God, to the void, aloud. Because if you hear the crowds, you gonna lose yourself.

You must keep on talking, and there are two possibilities – you are considered insane or you find resonance.

It takes a time, you face all the doubts and fears Doubt is the impersonation of Hell on earth. But you must believe when no one does.

It surely takes time, you gonna face all the doubts and fear.

Doubt is the impersonation of hell on Earth, but you must believe when no one does.

You feel like falling in insanity, and zillions will consider your insane.

But, suddenly you start to hear some echos, very shy ones.

You motivate them to speak aloud and you are fed by them too. These echoes rise in number and intensity. It is like a symphony.


Several instruments joining, one by one, sometimes in clusters; and when you notice, when you stop to hear..

You can listen to such an incredible harmony. You are not talking alone anymore. Maybe you are still talking to your God or Goddess… but now the answer comes through people, through the resonance of the Universe.

Then you think –  oh, shit, it was fucking hard. I crossed the hell, but I found myself. I opened my path. I created my own myth.

This myth is not only yours anymore. It is not mine. It is ours, because there is resonance.

A myth starts with one man, one woman, but it will always belong to the collective consciousness.

Don’t be jealous of your myth. It started with you; you alone talked to yourself; you alone crossed the hell; but your myth belongs to all; and now it seems so beautiful, so easy, so tuned with everybody…

Yes, that’s the thing. Your myth will make it easier for everyone who comes with you or after you; and you must be extremely grateful for this amazing harmony of thousands, of zillions.

You must be grateful for your first shy echoes, for your love resonance; because at first, only love resounds.


The tantric, alchemical marriage – Shiva-Shakti

You must be grateful for the incredible symphony you hear afterwards too!

Never forget your first shy echoes, when you were no one, they reflected the spontaneity of true love, without interest, only affinity counted.

No matter how hard was your path, the resonance and the symphony playing now are so magnificent making the hard journey so precious and worth living.

That’s how myths are made.

By MissKhaosland


Shiva, Parvati and baby Ganesha


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