Fidget with your dreams


Fidget with your dreams

Are your dreams too big?
Are your dreams too high?
Do people around get the fidgets with them?

What is this annoying provocating quality of daydreaming that triggers so many intense reactions? Some get so inspired and moved to support yours and to realize their own. Some get so disturbed, so envious, so hurt and hateful, finding hidden reasons to discourage you to achieve them.

What an amazing paradox dreams can create.
Which is this power that resembles biblical verses?
“He, who divided the waters before them to make for Himself an everlasting name.”

If you observe biblical verses referring to the division of waters, they are closely related to transformation and the birth of a totally new reality, a mythical reality hardly conceivable before.

Dreams resemble them because they embed the very potential of disruption and creation in itself.

Dreams, when they are genuine, when they come from the soul, from the heart, they are always defying, always disruptive, unconceivable, absurd.

Each human being is destined to create one’s personal myth in a way that individualizes him/her from everyone else.The journey of someone’s myth is unparalled, it starts with dreams and makes you unique in several aspects.

These genuine dreams will break with patterns established for all of us until now, by all of us until now. It breaks with all that has been done and has been possible.

They are about non imagined possibilities. They are about realizing the impossible.

It is too much for the mind to accept. Only the heart can forsee and understand.

People who are sympathetic with your aspirations, who are aware and in touch with their own flaws, who stop in order to mourn their failures and are still hopeful about their own self-realization, may it be in their love, familiar, professional, spiritual lives, will act in a supportive manner, will be inspired by your dreams, by your highest aims; they will fall in love with you and will be moved to achieve their own aims.

On the opposite people who are not satisfied with their personal lives, for some reason; who were not able to cry and mourn their own wounds and failures, will see in you an offense and a reminder of their frustration. They will fall in envy and rage with you, they will try to bring you to the same frustration.

You must comprehend that your genuine dreams and the journey of your personal legend will be a watershed no matter how confident, loving or charismatic you may be. You gonna face rejection, distrust, mockery and disdain. Do not take this non acceptance as a barrier.

Dream as big, as wide, as wild you can.

Only you are responsible for the magnificence of your personal legend. It starts with dreams.

Keep going, keep trusting, keep trying.

Believe in your dreams, materialize them.

Open your unique path.

Become legendary.

Realize the impossible in you.

By MissKhaosland


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