Unapologetically you



The things you find out when you are unapollogetically yourself!

You are unique, with your physical, psychological features, with your skills, your flaws and your whole potential to be developed.

No one compares to you. All kind of comparisons and disputes are elusive and pointless. We can only compare two systems under the same conditions. None of us had the same congenitalness (the same genetic and environmental conditions of development).

Your peculiar combination of characteristics make you able to realize the impossible in you, and all that has not been done or conceived before.

Your path is also singular, you are a pioneer in this life, so much more than loading your backpack with information, learn to know yourself, to be flexible, to have a broad mind, to listen to your intuition, your instincts, and make the best of your natural abilities.

Be ready to be guided by the Cosmos, for no one can teach you about being yourself. No one has the key of your success, no one knows how to give you clues about your own legend.

Feel comfortable on being misunderstood and sometimes criticized because who is prepared for your unparalleled identity and expression?
Feel comfortable on being followed and taken as a reference.Remember that others are searching for themselves and you gonna be their model on how to do this.
Unfortunately the ones who try to become you or to base their lives on your steps will lose the chance of developing themselves.

Be unapollogetically yourself and do not accept labels, nor assumptions, nor caricatures nor any narrow-minded definition about what is being you.

Follow, as a free, independent, self-confident soul, because that’s what you were born to be, UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU.

By Miss Khaosland

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