Living ecstatically


Living Ecstatically!

Red hibiscus – the flower of the Goddess.
It is considered sacred in many aspects, it represents femininity, sexuality, fecundity, nobility, strength, life and death, restoration and renewal.

The paradox between life and death.
Life and death are the two aspects of the same experience.
There is no better, no worse way to live.
There is your way to live.
There is no better, no worse way to die.
There is your way to die.

You die as you live,
We die exactly as we live.
If you live in fear, you die in fear,
If you live fearless, you die fearless,
If you live ecstatically, you die in ecstasy.

Live ecstatically doing what fulfill your soul and your heart,
Live death just as another ecstatic moment of life.

Live your life as if you were making love with the Universe.
This is Tantra.
To live the ecstatic experience each moment.

Tantra is not only about sex, Tantra is about life and death.
Tantra is also about sex, because sex is about life and death.
For Tantra, there is no separation between love, life and sex.
You make love or you don’t.
The alchemical union of a couple is sacred because the goal is ecstasy, in a broad, wide sense.

Everything about sex in Tantra is about gathering the conditions to live the ecstatic experience.
You don’t drink before making love, you are aware.
You try to find your soul mate, or your alchemical partner.
You search for a place where both feel excited but comfortable energetically.
You let it come out from the inside, and not be only allured by the outside.
You live the passion, the involvement, the surrender, but you treat it with respect, elevation and sacredness.

The same with your sexuality,
Your sexuality is the expression of your vital force, the divine energy in you.
You express it with reverence for life.

That’s the way Tantra deals with the sexual experience because it actually can conduct you to the ecstatic living.
Once you have lived ecstatic making love, once absorbed by it, you can extend it for your whole life.

The way you deal with sex and your sexuality is the same you deal with people, with nature, with life, with your spirituality.

We are no different in each of these things!
We are always the same!!

By MissKhaosland

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