On wolves and their wild nature


I dream of wolves

We are wolves

I am not good nor bad

There are no good and no bad wolves

Wolves are instinctual

They know who they trust




There is a fundamental difference between dogs and wolves:

Wolves cannot be domesticated;

Even if born captive, wolves are not domesticable.

And there is a reason – wolves do not respect someone for receiving food

They only respect the ones who they trust.



There is another difference resulting from it:

Packs of dogs are hierarchic, the strongest dogs are the leaders because they can run faster they can hunt better and many times feed the others, so they have command over the others.

Packs of wolves are not hierarchic!

Still they have the leader and the strogest wolves, that many times hunt for the others,

But they are not linked because of food

They are together, they are a pack based on TRUST

If one wolf is not trustworthy, it is out.

It  does not make part of the pack

So, there is no need of hierarchy, nor subjugation.

And now we are able to understand why wolves cannot be domesticated

They are naturally born free.



Now we are able to understand  why TRUST is so important for wolves

They are instinctual, they are loyal and they observe

They know who they trust



For the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of wolf is the pack.

Rudyard Kipling



By MissKhaosland

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