On ducks


On ducks

Ducks are adorable creatures
Quite feted by other animals
Daring and sassy
They can fly and land since they have wings
They can swim as their feathers are full of air
And they float like canoes on the water
They can walk on the grass, but not very well
For their toes are banded by membranes
They like to swing
And spread water everywhere
When searching for food
They put their heads down into the water
Maybe they also drink
And their butts go up
When we look, we get sure it is a duck
They do not sing like birds but they strive to do
We all like to hear and smile with their quacks
Ducks are curious and want to listen to everything happening in the lake
Even if it is the nearby lake
Human beings want to eat them
They are tastier than chicken
But their meat is tougher and fatter
And they take too long to be cooked
They fit well with orange
But I do not eat them and I think other humans should also avoid
We are solidary with animals.
Humans also like to imitate them
And they have even honored them with an expression
Duck face selfie
Thanks to the ducks we can have a lot of fun!

The end!

By Misskaosland

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