Sing the impossible

pablo-picassoWoman with a mandolin – Pablo Picasso, 1910.


Sing the impossible


“Aquilo que realmente somos é aquilo que o impossível cria em nós.”

“No impossível é que está a realidade.”

Clarice Lispector


“What we really are is what the impossible creates in us.”

“In the impossible abides reality.”


The impossible in you is your personal legend, your myth. Everything that goes against the odds, all paths not walked yet, the challenges for which you are attracted peremptorily.

Something inside you claims that you are able to them, although they seem to be beyond your actual limits, defying your knowledge and beliefs.

There is no easy, no difficult; no right, no wrong; no early, no late; in any choice you gonna make there is the possible and the impossible.

The possible has already been taken, it is not yours in essence;

The impossible belongs to you – it is pure potential and it has the original, chaotic, powerful sort of energy that created the Universe. It has the strength and quality that can change your life irrevocably.

The impossible will make you absolutely genuine, unique and indispensable.

The impossible will make you succeed in your personal legend, in your myth, which is only yours.

You need to choose the paths that can realize the impossible in you.

Choose the impossible whenever you can and it will conduct you to your genuine self.


By MissKhaosland



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