Co-creating with life


Co-creating with life

The creative process is actually a co-creative process.

The creative process is like a dance.

You dance, you dance.

You dance with the circumstances around you, with the information which falls on your lap, with the people you meet along the way, with the stories and myths you discover, with your questions, your doubts, your fears.

You dance with life.

The creative process is a co-creative journey in which you dance free style with life.

Some times you conduct, most of the times you are conducted and the secret to make the journey worth living is to surrender.

Life co-creates with you all the time. I would say life gives you great part of the deal. Life is a very active partner.

Your role, if I may say like this, your contribution to the creative process is mainly to ensure that your movements will not be restrained by your mind.

That’s what life expects from you. A partner free of preconceptions, of judgments, of rigid and strong opinions, Someone who does not hide behind buildings of knowledge, towers of dogmas, burdens of the past.

Life expects a partner who dances out of his mind, to the rhythm of his heartbeat, following the steps of his guts.


I think, nowadays, to dance the creative process out of one’s mind, in practical terms, means detachment from results.

Detachment from results in a society, in a system, in a paradigm where we are fueled by results.

Then, don’t be fooled by what seems acceptably attractive to the crowds, but… to co-create with, to jump, to dive into the creative process, life demands bold OUTLAWS as partners.

People who are up to realize the impossible; because what is already possible, and put yourself in the position of life, what already can be done is done, or will be done in the next moment, which is the same. For life what is done gets boring, gets used.

It is all about maintainance. The possible belongs to the maintainers. There are people and institutions in this world that were born to be maintainers. They feel very happy with it and we must respect their ability to maintain everything in order and functioning, but…they do not dance the creative process; they do not understand chaos; they do not realize the impossible.

It means, first of all, know yourself, define who you are and what you are naturally born to be and then, please, move accordingly.

If you’re a co-creator with life, move accordingly – dance with life, play with life, make love to life as the best partner you could ever be.

There is not a lot of opportunities, there is not a plenty of time. There is only one chance, and it presents itself right now – to be yourself, to dance with life, to make love with life.

Be yourself in all your exuberance.

Dance out of your mind, to the rhythm of your heartbeat, following your guts, totally surrended.

Commit yourself to life, as her best partner ever.

Co-creating with life.

By MissKhaosland


One thought on “Co-creating with life

  1. Lindo, Lindo, Lindo! BelĂ­ssimo! Explendido! Delicious read this. Sweet the song of these words. Beaultiful orchestration of ideas.


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