On levity


On levity

Jimmy Tree : “I think you and I have the same problem, Mr. Ballinger.”

Fred Ballinger: “Which is…”

J.T: “We allowed ourselves to give in, just once to a little levity,”

F.B: “Levity is an irresistible temptation, and also a perversion.”

Paul Dano and Michael Caine in Paolo Sorrentino’s “Youth”


To fall in love is to surrender to levity.

It is literally to fly on the wings of our dreams, to loose ground under feet, to believe in magic, to make the leap of faith and get somehow distant from all the density of the world.

We fall in love to escape gravity, to escape seriousness.

And we need to be in love to create life, to produce Art.

Art is created as an expression of being in love.

It also means that Art is the bridge that conducts us to love again, in a concrete world.

Without love, without levity, it is so hard to breathe, to dream, to create, to laugh, to live.

The levity of being in love and to let love flow spontaneously as beauty, as passion, as humor, as music, as poetry, as art, as more levity.

To live without levity, without cheerfullness is to live exiled in your own land, is to drag while you can levitate.

Actually, it seems no one feels really prepared to do anything in this world, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

You won’t fool me. I know you can levitate.

By MissKhaosland



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