We are all colors of the world


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We are all colors of the world

As we have rational explanations for facts, events and reactions, we may also have subtle, energetic ones.

Many understand that energy is what underlies any movement, any change, any expression in the material world we live and that the basis of change is awareness.

Every time you look to a situation with your open eyes, it starts to move, to change.

If you look to the back of the neck of a person that is not aware of your presence, her psyche changes, and even not realizing it consciously, she starts to interact with you, until the point she becomes totally aware of this interaction.


Yes, this means so much, because the way you look to people, you think on people, your intentions to people can make things change.

Nowadays, experiments in biological and behavioral sciences can help us understand it. It is also very well known to quantum physics, the interdependence between observer and observed,  but the rational construction of this comprehension is still very recent and not totally accepted scientifically.

Nevertheless, it has been present in mythology, in spirituality, in the religious teachings of several cultures, and also in the legacy of visionaries from all fields of knowledge all around the world.

The positive, undeniable message that: The change starts in you.



You are the actor, you are the agent of transformation in your world. It is in your hands; it starts in you, with you.

Every intention, every thought, every feeling of yours changes your surroundings positively or negatively. You make a difference. You are so powerful.

Actually, it happens all the time, but normally you do not pay attention. It all starts with your energy, how you vibrate.


There is no solid, continuous matter in the Universe. This notion is a delusion. Everything vibrates.

Everything interacts through vibration. Everything is discontinuous, unstable, fluid and highly affected by vibration.

Then, how can you not interfere, affect your surroundings, the planet, other minds, other bodies, events with your vibration?

We do, and the conflicts we face in our lives are energetically related too.

Indeed, we live a silent war,  not made of nations, nor races, nor physical weapons. We live a war of energies, of vibrations.


We live a war of LOVE x FEAR


These battles are placed within each of us, every single moment of our lives we’re fighting to overcome fear and unawareness.

We fight them and we conquer them with LOVE and AWARENESS.

Our allies are all over the world, no matter their colors, races, nationalities.

Our allies are the ones who search for LOVE and AWARENESS and defend these values in their thoughts, words and actions.

There is no way to deceive, to pretend, because we can feel the vibrations,  and words and actions cannot hide your intentions for too long.


Our victory is not to be better than our brothers and our sisters, but to spread the influence of our vibrations, to conquer more minds, more hearts and awaken more souls to vibrate LOVE, to search for AWARENESS.

LOVE and AWARENESS will never be compatible with tirany, nor any kind of restriction to freedom of thought and speech, because tirany and control of people are based on fear and ignorance.

LOVE and AWARENESS promote freedom and lucidity.

LOVE and AWARENESS are very dangerous, threatening for the tyrants, cause once you are caught by them, you will defend them with your life.

A man or a woman who loves, a lucid man or woman are fearless. He/she will never surrender to any kind of slavery, and there are several kinds of captivity and servitude in this world.

It all starts with you.

You are so powerful. Fight for love and awareness and make it the substratum, the source, the inspiration of your thoughts, your words and your actions.

You are naturally going make it easier for everyone around you.



Change minds, facts and circumstances in your surroundings!

We are all colors of the world!

By MissKhaosland


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