Love in spiral



Love in Spiral


“Everything starts again with the possibility of the new.”

“Evolution is simultaneously the breaking of repetition by emergence of the new and reconstruction of repetition by integration of the new.

It was changing evolutionarily, it means developing, that life survived the adversities that, otherwise, would have annihilated it.

The spiral time is therefore both, the one of reiteration and restart, of movement and bypass, of transformation and development.”

Edgar Morin



My beloved,

This is my heart touching yours.

This is your heart touching mine.

This is the magic of Love.

From one single drop of communion,

The whole Universe is born.


May our love be able to recreate itself every day of our lives,

Using the old symbols and declarations of affection we dedicated to each other,

But also allowing the creativity to promote the renewal of it,

Allowing the repetition of something slightly different,

Even if one millimeter different.

It is the way for it to survive time and all adversities that will come along the path.

That’s the love of soul mates,

More than repetition but the spiral evolution,

That repeats itself moving forward, litttle by little,

Into more love, into more understanding, into more acceptance,

Into more trust, into more synchronicity, into more communion.

May our love follow the spiral evolution,

So it will be following the flow of life,

It will be holy and in accordance with Nature.

As your soul mate, may I be the source and inspiration of your every day renewed and recreated repetition.

As my soul mate, may You be the source and the inspiration of my every day renewed and recreated repetition.

May we thrive more than survive.

This is a pact of Love

of Chaos & Light.

By MissKhaosland





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