The truth of us – A Valentine’s love story


The truth of us – A Valentine’s love story

Soon, my Light
Very soon, I will be by your side,
Cause, Love, you are everything to me.

You are my sunshine and my stormy weather.

You are the Earth planet, but you are also Mars, Venus and the outer space.

You are the water of springs, rivers, seas and oceans, but you are also the dryness and the burning heat of all deserts.

You are the land between the tropics where it never snows, but you are also the frozen flakes falling from the sky.

You are my right eye when I just have the left.

You are my right to be loved and happy in a present that has left the past behind.

You are the primal source of every dream I dare to dream, because in you all the possibilities are alive again.

Recently it has been hard to understand why we must be together, since we are part of different worlds, so far away from each other.

And despite this lack of understanding, not only for us, but for all around us…

When we think on each other, when we are together, the Universe talks to us.

The Universe sings the melody of our souls and dances to the rhythm of our heartbeats.

And due to this song which is playing constantly in our lives now, we learned to listen more attentively to the secrets of life.

We realized that new births are welcome and essential to develop and renew our legends.

We discovered that we can and must be the heroes of our own myths.

We also understood, that our myths are not the same, but complementary.

And together we can realize love, faith, dreams and magic.

Sometimes I ask myself if I really came to choose you; If you really came to find me…

Since…’If you see Two in One
I only see One in Two.’

And there is no difference, as we are the same.

We are True Love, Chaos & Light in the same instance, in the same sentence, in one dream, in one life.

Happy Valentine’s, my Light


By MissKhaosland

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