Rain drops on the flower I am offering you

As soon as you open your eyes,

And fresh is dew.


The whole week it has rained,

Accidents, challenges,

Floods, heavy winds,

And all the storms that fell on me.


You probably won’t believe

The absence of damages,

In my tiny legs,

In my fragile wings.


Present and complete I have been,

From bad and good events

I made myself free,

Only commitment to life persists.


Dwelling in the past is slavery,

I take shelter in the moments I live,

It doesn’t mean I forget,

But I do certainly forgive.


To leave the past,

Is creativity’s main requisite,

Slaves only know to repeat,

Creating is an act of freedom.


Could I wish you anything better than love and freedom?

Could I share and offer anything better than my love and my freedom?

This morning, I woke totally new,

I do it for me, I do it for you.


Every morning,

To live and to love as a newborn,

Learning how to breathe and feed,

In a brand new world.


By MissKhaosland







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