Red-eyed wolf

Black Wolf with red eyes

Red-eyed wolf


Look right into my eyes,

Can’t you see these sparkling rubies in the night?

Red balls of fire and my fangs in white,

It is all that you’ll have from the fight.


Here I am, attracted by the smell of your fright,

From the distance I could hear,

The whisper of your sobs and sighs,

The muffled sound of your crying.


In the meadows, you tried to hide your tears,

But the shadows have revealed all your fears,

Have you ever imagined what they could feed?

All my gathered fury to have them defeated.


Your despair aroused the very worst in me.

You have called for the lone red-eyed beast.

I am no good nor evil creature.

Only a natural and brute counterforce.


For everything there is a limit,

Your fears are a malady, for you and the world,

And I am the wild wolf,

That will rip them into pieces.


Dare not to flee,

Nothing can stop me,

Surrender your terror,

And set yourself free.


As your inner wisdom,

I can also be seen,

But I’ll show no mercy,

If you keep on denying me.


You are not my enemy,

You don’t need to fight,

You don’t need to bleed,

Let me finish with it.


Yet you insist,

In making of yourself,

This fearful wight,

Devoured you will be.


By Misskhaosland

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