In times of universal deceit, the lack of truth makes us feel bouncing back and forth in inconsistency.

Plenty of information overloads and pollutes our eyes, ears, tongue and intellect everyday. Nonetheless, we have never felt so disinformed, confused, deceived and manipulated.

The era of information turns into times of disinformation and treachery.


Mau Mau – Three Monkeys – mural – St. Art Gallery
That is what we observe in our lives, in politics, in bussiness, in schools and universities, through press and social media, in different instances of human interaction, everywhere.

This tendency to be dizzy, confused, blinded and unaware – dragged by the tides and tendencies, influenced by the ones who control information – is universal.

Humanity lives a crisis of self conduction that brings us to an illusion that we are able to take decisions and choose our roads, but in reality we are all being escorted to a future that we may not want to live nor to be charged for.

Who controls the past

In this scenario it would be of great importance to have a broader comprehension on how the process of shaping memory, behavior, habits, transmission of knowledge and co-learning may take place.

One of the most paradigm breaking approaches to the process of building up memory and biological inheritance comes from the theory of morphic resonance.

In 1981, the biochemist and cell biologist Rupert Sheldrake firstly put forward his hypothesis about the existence of Morphic Fields in a book named “A New Science of Life”.

According to his experiments and observations the memory, behavior and habits of the species are greatly influenced and even determined by collective fields of consciousness that he called “Morphic Fields”


Water drop by Parminder Singh

Each species has its own collective morphic field as an entity not restricted to the physical nervous apparatus of a single individual.

So, when we think about the memory, the knowledge, the skills and habits of an species, it means that they are not only communicated or transmitted through direct contact and direct learning, but also and predominantly through the morphic resonance within this collective cloud.

It means that an species behavioral framework including memory, knowledge and skills acquired during its long term evolutive development cannot be extinguished or lost with the death of one individual or even a whole generation of them.

Also, since all elements of the species share this same collective field of consciousness – memory, knowledge, skills and habits can be transmitted or perpetrated even through the distance and despite the lack of direct contact, through what he called “morphic resonance”.


Alain Delorme’s murmurations

Who controlls the future…

Sheldrake’s innovative research and postulation of the new theory of morphic fields and resonance have led us to a new comprehension of human communication, interaction, learning and collective behavior.

Then, in a world of globalized informational systems we must understand that the influence each of us exerts upon the others does not depend only on the data they are able to receive and process, specially concerning mass behavior.

We are all connected through this ethereal cloud of consciousness that stores past, present and even a hint of immediate future and which shares not only memories and ideas, but specially collective feelings, emotions and impulses for action.

It also puts us front to a new transition point.


The change we desire and talk so much about, is not something external to be installed by any representant, political chief or leader.

It is the awareness and the change you can awaken in you that effectively bring awareness and capacity of change for your next and the whole species.

To see what is in front of one’s nose…

Every time you look to a situation with your open eyes, it starts to move, to change.


If you look to the back of the neck of a person that is not aware of your presence, her psyche changes, and even not realizing it consciously, she starts to interact with you, until the point she becomes totally aware of this interaction.


This observation is very well known to quantum physics – the interdependence between observer and observed.

It has also been present in mythology, in the religious teachings of several cultures, and also in the legacy of visionaries from all fields of spirituality all around the world.

The positive, undeniable message: you affect your ambience, people and events around you and by consequence – the change starts in you.



Every intention, every thought, every feeling of yours change your environment positively or negatively.

You do not only affect your next and your medium – the individual is the cell and unity of creation and learning. Each new skill and knowledge acquired individually is shared within the collective morphic field of the species.

Through observations and experiments, Dr. Sheldrake discovered that once one member of the species has learned a new skill, it becomes gradually easier for the other members to learn it, even without direct contact or transmission of information, until the species as a whole has acquired the know-how.

Now, it becomes clearer to understand, explain, even predict social media interaction, viral marketing, and mass influence, so prevalent in our supposedly “free” will or capacity of individual choice.

Are we really free to choose, are we mainly informed by mass media, or there is a much deeper influence and human communication going on?

“lt is the subjective world that rules the objective. Change the subject, and the object is bound to change; purify yourself and the world is bound to be purified.”

Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902)


Ewa Hauton Art

“No phenomenon is a real phenomenon until it is an observed phenomenon.”

“We are not only observers. We are participators. In some strange sense this is a participatory universe.”

John Archibald Wheeler (1911-2008)


“What you do, what you say and what you think can influence other people by morphic resonance. There is no moral filter in morphic resonance, which means that we have to be more careful about what we are thinking if we are concerned about the effect we have on others.”

Rupert Sheldrake (1942 -)

Yes, this means so much, because the way you look to people or facts, the way you think on situations, your intentions to your surroundings can make things change.

You are the actor, you are the agent of transformation of the world. We live in a participatory universe and it is in your hands; it starts in you, with you and from you.

You make difference. You are so powerful.

The seed of creation lives in you.


By Misskhaosland

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