Sinking boat


Sinking boat

We live times of disrespect repeated as a common behaviour in many aspects of life.The way someone deal with one’s daily, private life spreads in all spheres. The disrespect for the next, for their necessities, wills and relationships.

The disrespect for one’s own genuine aspirations, for one’s own relationships, for their children, for their partners and families.

The disrespect for animals and life in Earth

The disrespect for one’s own integrity

The same disregard repeated for the environment, either in an individual or collective level, or as a public policy and governmental measures for environmental protection and sustainability.

We live a silent war of LOVE x FEAR

We have a silent war of AWARENESS x UNAWARENESS

These battles take place inside each of us.

We fight and we conquer them with LOVE & AWARENESS

Our victory is not to be better than our brothers nor our sisters, but to spread the influence of our vibrations, to engage more minds, more hearts for this new look and this new attitude of respect, of careful consideration, of love and awareness for everyone and everything around us, for everyone and everything affected by our thoughts, our feelings, our words, our actions and their consequences.

It starts with you

With your individual positioning & attitude in all these spheres.

It starts with your intentions, when you are alone, when there is no one to observe, to judge, to praise, to criticize or to reveal.

You are so powerful.

Conquer disrespect and fear with love and awareness and make them the substratum, the source, the inspiration for your thoughts, your words, your actions, your example.

Brave are the pure of heart,

I want to believe they are still the majority.

I prefer to be wrong about some behaviors, situations and appearances, to find out that there is more nobility than it seems to be under a quick observation.

I want to believe we can change minds, facts & circumstances around us.

I want so much to believe we can change ourselves for the best and serve as living examples of humanity and respect.

I dedicate this post for my soul mate.

Supporting initiatives & projects that warn and try to awaken minds for this awareness.

To #GreatWideOpen

To #Beforetheflood

By Misskhaosland

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