Lightning and the sky and the city


Flashes and visions,
Echoes and crashes,
In a city lost in delict
We play with electricity.

Bursts and blackouts,
Lunar eclipses and smoky clouds
Darken the streets where we walk;
Our steps sound like atrocity.

Blow the heavy winds,
Bring furious storms,
You are the thunders and the lightnings,
Time to descend from the mountains

Become Zeus, my name is Hera;
They call you Jupiter, I am Juno
My love makes you powerful,
Your love makes me glorious.

The eternal dance of the divine couple,
My curves in valleys, your vigor in ridges
From the water of our mouths a thousand springs
And my tears of doubt salted the seas.

Remember the words of power
Whatever you think you’ll come to be,
Bring them down,
Storms, thunders and lightnings.

Break, burn, make it all clean,
Clear the atmosphere
Play with electricity
Into pure love turn this city.


By MissKhaosland

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