A place for us



A place for us

Whenever you think of me…

Despite the distance of a thousand miles,

And all the sadness we see in this world,

Despite our personal troubles,

And the limitations we may face,

There is a place where love grows and shines through,

Where we can find all the tenderness of our innocence,

Where we can trust and feel the warmth of our affections,

A place to take shelter and be safe in each other’s arms.





There is a place where we can be whoever we want,

And tell our legends of braveness and wonder,

A place without bitter words and judgements,

Where we can realize each and every dream,

Blessed with tears and smiles of pride and incentive.




There is a place where we can look into each other’s eyes,

And shout “I love you now and forever”,

And listen “I also love you to the infinite and beyond”,

A few seconds before diving deep into our hearts.






There is  a place for us,

And we can believe it is true,

In our minds, hearts and souls,

Remember this place…

I share it with you.


By Miss Khaosland




References: pics from Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Japan – Wisteria tunnels and trees.

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