On Love and passion



On Love and Passion

Have you ever lived a passion?

Certainly, passions have moved you since an early age, just as the wind carries dry leaves from one place to another. It raises them up and later drop them.

Passion is flame that fades away with time, changes and gives room for new passions, new interests and curiosities.

Passion is what attracts us to the unknown, to the new. Passion is a moment, an adventure, and it should be lived in full intensity. The impassionade being must get totally raptured by the moment, because passions are doomed to extinguish, they cannot survive the time nor obstacles.



Do not reproach men and women for living their passions because they are part of the world prospective process, they are necessary for the recognition of affections. You must have tasted the sweet / bitter flavor of passions to develop you hunger for love, to be able to appreciate the deepness of love.

Passion is temporary enchantment, it is the absorption that makes us seek the other’s eyes and to recognize ourselves in them, it is the spark that ignites affections, which will only be able to ripen with a fuel called love.



Love has a different nature. It aggregates with time. Love is observing, silently. Love is discovering, silently.

Love is unveiling the mystery of the things you love, of your beloved one. Each day reveals one more aspect, one more affinity, one more point of intersection. There is also enchantment, but it grows with time. It can take a long time of silent discovery and maturation of feelings.

It is necessary to be like this, because we need a preparation for love. A mental, emotional and spiritual preparation.

Passion can be lived in one day, one month, one year, but love is fire that will burn ininterruptly everyday for a long time.

How could we get ready from one day to another? We are ready for passion, but we build up love. Passion can be ignited with a first sight, but love is much more complex and deep. Love is a trust bond, even if at first it is established unilaterally.

Love is wrought by time, love is tested by time, because love must survive time.

Passion is attracted by appearance, qualities and attributes. Love must see beyond appearance, qualities and attributes, because it is all perishable.



Have you ever lived love?

Certainly, Love is the force which moves the universe and therefore feeds itself into more love. Love is flexible like water and ubiquitous like the air, it is modeled by the existing space, it penetrates all the cracks. Love encompasses everything including passion and hatred.

Love stands beyond written and spoken word.
Love stands beyond time and distance.
Love stands beyond mind and form.
Love is able to reach, to convey and to accomplish.
So it has been since the first movement of the archaic void.

By MissKhaosland




This post was illustrated by the renowned work of Leonid Afremov – using pallete knife for oil painting.

To acess the virtual gallery of the artist, click the link below:


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