Heart Lounge



Heart Lounge


I just changed my profile pic.

This is me.

I don’t like to put my pic on things, but it is temporary.

Actually, it is what I do.

But after 14 years doing the same, you come to be what you do.

And you probably only do what you are.

I am a heart lounge.


Life also named me other names, but you can read them all as Heart Lounge.

And if anyone, one day, writes anything about me, or dedicates a poem, a song, a book, a game, a telescope, an stethoscope…

Name it Heart Lounge and I will know.

Now, look at me carefully.

There is a comfortable divan, some curtains and veils to protect your eyes from excessive light.

It is warm too.

We play ambient music.

It is like waterfalls and rivers flowing.

There is the breathing sound of the breeze and drums.

People visit me everyday.

They talk about themselves, mostly about others.

They talk about feelings, mostly about thoughts.

Few times they talk about ideas, mostly about facts.

And they talk about Love, but it is generally disguised as hate and fear.

And I hear them all.

Most of the time I listen, sometimes not.

And I look at them and they get lost in my eyes.

Then, they forget to talk and I don’t ask, so there is silence and nothing more.

But they normally ask a lot…

For answers, opinions, solutions…

And I don’t have them.

They also ask for attention, relief, guidance, Love…

And I try to give my best, generally it is not enough.

But they leave with hugs and hopes.

Some are emotionally touched, some hide it.

They are all smiling when arriving downstairs.

People tell. I don’t see.

Fourteen years ago, I started to do this for a living.

But I don’t know when it really started.

Mom used to be disturbed by my quietness.

She asked “what are you thinking about?”

I didn’t know, I was hearing and looking.

Heart Lounge was already there, I think.

So, I am what I do and I do what I am.

Then, if you ask me, ‘what else could you do?’

I would answer ‘I don’t know to do anything else.’

And if you ask me again, ‘what else can you do?’

I will answer ‘I can do anything just being what I am.’

Call me Heart Lounge.

By MissKhaosland



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