Surrender to love

Is there a chance for humanity?

Sometime ago, I thought there was not, especially after concluding University, after witnessing a lot of suffering, grief, and mistreatment.

Sometime ago, I used to watch television news and the selected tragedies, wars, corruption, violence, dishonesty, hunger, misery, and facts that only made me desbelieve.

Sometime ago, I only dedicated myself to my work and despite all the love I devoted to each person, individually, I felt intoxicated with disease.

Being sick is also falling ill in the soul and everything makes me see that the worst disease is the lack of love.

And although humanity is still sick, love is stronger than any kind of social problem, bigger than any of personal interests, than violence, misery, than any disease.

Love prevails and breaks boundaries. Love is the force which moves the universe and due to its nature it will overcome all obstacles and find a way of expression.

Nowadays, the strongest form of love collective expression is through the World Wide Web, and it is taking gigantic proportions.

On the Web, love is expressed with words, music, looks, smiles, tears, kisses, hugs, games, jokes, teachings and virtual actions that encourage and inspire real actions.

On the Web, people can choose what they want to watch and they look for love, they choose to watch love, they begin to produce and reproduce love, they imitate love.

Imitation is one of the main characteristics and the best ability of human beings.

You smile, I smile

I cry, You cry

You laugh, I laugh

I ywan, You yawn

You blink, I blink

I love, You love


Humanity has a chance and for those who do not believe, who do not want, only one message:

Be prepared, because you will also be taken by love, it is contagious and spreads quickly. It is stronger than anything and it will catch you!!!




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