Love in Khaosland # 9 – Finding


Findind your soul mate is to be self-referring.

Finding your soul mate makes you look like schizophrenic.

Findind your soul mate is losing the sense of time and space.

Finding your soul mate is searching for all kind of people, situations

And turning them into love messages.

Soul mates seem to be selfish and self-centered.

They don’t mean to hurt,

They are only living synchronicity and enchantment to the utmost.

It cannot be hidden nor disguised.

It is there for all to observe,

For none to understand.

When you find your soul mate,

Everybody and everything become an instrument

Being soul mates is nonsense

And LOVE makes sense out of it.


True Love is made of chaos

True chaos is made of love

By MissKhaosland



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