Love in Khaosland # 8 – Featuring Love

Featuring Love

Love is to share emotions.

To feel happy with someone’s smile and achievements.

To cry with someone’s tears, sufferings and failures.

To feel the pain in your own flesh when you try to break and be apart.

Not understanding why you both can’t let it go and just forget, if life together has been hard or if you live so far away from each other.

Love is trying to understand a different history, family or culture, a different place and a different language.

Love is to endeavor communication in any and all forms, in any and all languages, because only one or two are not enough.

Love is mixing races and legacies, being all and none at all.

Love is hurting although trying so much to avoid it, and love is forgiving it all in the next second, because not loving hurts more.

Love is the urge to change the other, because if your beloved come to have a bad fate, you will be destroyed too and also the amazing discovery that nothing has to be changed and feared, because since hearts are together nothing can go really wrong.

Love is to feed and nurture each other with everyday looks, thoughts and poems.

Love is to laugh and to cry and to be enchanted with the most silly things, faces and words.

Love is to listen to each other’s voices as sweet melodies and to find warm in each other’s eyes.

Love is not to be shy if you look terrible when you wake up, or when you arrive exhausted from work.

Love is to inspire and to be inspired.

Love is to feel home, even without sharing a physical place.

Do you feel it???

So, you love and certainly you are loved too.

By MissKhaosland


cosmic loversCosmic Lovers by Alex Grey

One thought on “Love in Khaosland # 8 – Featuring Love

  1. A arte acontece quando você vai além de sí mesmo.

    É na arte que nos encontramos, comungamos, nos conhecemos,

    deixamos de ser ilhas. E é na arte que eu serei mais de mim

    em mim mesmo e você também.

    A única coisa que importa no outro é o momento em que o outro

    é artista.

    Arte é manifestar a natureza pulsante.

    Todo aquele que vive pela arte vive pelas vísceras, pelo

    ventre, pela energia vital, pelo tesão daquele instante.

    O fato é que estamos sempre em busca de expansão.


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