Love in Khaosland # 7 – On the road



Together we are on the road,

Like family, we look into each other’s souls,

Like lovers, we call,

Longing for mouths to kiss and arms to hug,

Like friends, we stand by one another.


Since we are on the road,

There is no right nor wrong,

There is no yesterday nor tomorrow,

Just the moment to rest our broken bones,

From the judgement of the world,

To conduct one another through darkness into the light.


Together we are on the road,

No matter what,

We focus on the core,

The important is that we care,

We nurture our undying love.


Can you find yourself in this poem?

If so, you are on the road.

Can you feel it?

Feel my love for you.

Realize ourselves,

Become our love.


By MissKhaosland



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