Balls!! What’s that?

They are similar, but not the same.

They are harmful, but not lethal.

Blame it all on Basquiat.


Based on an interview conducted by Marc Miller.

Extracted from Schnabel’s film – Basquiat.

Miller: Can you decipher this for us?

Basquiat: Decipher? Just words.

M: Yeah, I understand, but whose words are these? I mean, where do you take them from?

B: I don’t know. Would you ask like a musician, would you ask Miles, where’d you get that note from? Where do you take your words from? Everywhere.

M: What’s that?

B: The three circles, here?

M: Yeah.

B: It is a flea.

M: Looks like a chicken.

B: Trust me. It’s a flea.

M: And that in the black box?

B: Those are parasites.

M: Flea? Parasites? And 46 and 47?

B: Yes, it says leeches. It is number 46 and 47 in a list of thousands of leeches on this planet.

M: What’s the difference between a flea, a parasite and a leech?

B: Hardly any!




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