Today I have the most important mission in the world: to see beauty in all existing things.

p6ec8vyD Art by P. John Burden


The relationship between a man and a woman is not a power struggle.

The relationship between men and women should not be a power struggle.

The relationship between any human beings should not be a power struggle.

It should not be, because this is exactly what has happened.

Many couple relationships become a competition rather than a collaboration. The partners want to be together, there is mutual affection, but the fear of deep involvement and surrender causes them to become closed, armed and to act more as competitors. They dispute decisions inch by inch, while they should take them together, aiming the best for the couple.

Whenever reasons and motives are not clear or decisions are taken without respecting the common welfare, one side submits and the other is submitted and this generates dissatisfaction, uneasiness, anger, and determination to get even.

Envy is another issue. In a couple relationship, partners should feel comfortable and natural in their professional, artistic and social expression and projection. There is not something as outshining the other. There is not something as being more important or more influent than the other.

On the opposite, the partners complement one another, they act in synergy and the qualities or the attributes of one complete the other. TOGETHER THEY SHINE BRIGHTER THAN APART.

Envy and competition make them both fade away.

This has been more and more difficult to achieve, because our society does not stimulate, does not teach cooperative, collaborative work.

And each of us can notice, in our individual trajectories and all around, the clear tendency to be one’s own boss, the triumph of individual efforts and the supremacy of personalities who shine alone and are not used to share the spotlight or the rewards.

This causes a lot of relationship issues. Strong or narcissistic personalities drag their big entourage or blind followers. Is this noxious? Obviously, we miss human expression and diversity. Where is the free expression of singularity and the combined diversity when we follow someone blindly?

It also feeds some character deviations. Personalities with a tendency to parasitism and opportunism multiply on this mud and this environment. It is not necessary to develop one’s own light and inner strength, because one can be dragged and partially projected by someone.

And when two strong or narcissistic personalities clash, there is conflict, provocation and fight until bloodshed, because they see each other with intimidation and are not able to cooperate.

But returning to the original theme, the relationship between men and women should not be a power play, in which a woman uses her arsenal of seduction to arouse man’s desire and vulnerability, as he uses his economic power and influence to buy her.

It is easy to understand this metaphor.

You offer a sweet and attractive candy to the eyes of a child, you ostensibly and insistently tease her with this candy. When the child tries to catch it, the candy is denied.

It is the woman trying to use her motherly power to control and submit the man, through the image of her son or her husband.

If this child is a poor wretch, she goes home frustrated, full of anger and lay this frustration on someone, on her surroundings.

If she is a rich or influential child, she tries to buy it.

You see the man in his fatherly power trying to control or submit the woman, through the image of his daughter or his wife.

The roles can be changed between the genders, but you notice the same power play. It is noxious and mutual  and it has its origins at the power struggle we watched during our childhood in our homes and in society.

This harmful game of control, seduction, provocation and denial, of purchase, of domination and submission between women and men, between people in general has to end, for a better collaborative society.

Returning even more to the original theme, a couple who loves each other works in synergy. In nature, the feminine and the masculine energies complement each other. It does not matter if the relationship is between a man and a woman, or between two men or two women…

One partner will bring the feminine creative force and its capacity of genesis, while the other will bring the masculine materializing force and its capacity of realization. One will be the feminine element of shelter, care and nutrition, and the other will be the masculine element of protection, defense, and sustenance.

These roles can also be reversed even in a heterossexual couple, but they always exist.


And the partners need to act in synergy, developing, encouraging, empowering each other, taking decisions together as if they were only one organism.

If the cells, if the parts dispute, we have a shock and the organism collapses.

If some cells, if one part grows and feeds much more than the other, we have a cancer. In a way or another the imbalance leads to darkening and death.

If the parts act in tune and in love as one organism, it flourishes, it develops its potentialities, it shines brighter.


This is what makes relationships between soul mates, between partners, among friends and collaborators to be healthy, to fructify and to last for years.

8nbYoHrVArt by HM. Samarel

Today I have the most important mission in the world: to see beauty in all existing things.

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