heart of ice


I fell in love with you when I first looked to your heart and asked permission to dive into it.
I was so inspired and connected that night.

I saw your heart down there in a very deep ocean.
So, I knew that I would have to hold my breath for a long time before reaching it, and using all my diving and swimming skills, I would only find it when almost suffocating, with no air even to return.

But your heart was soft and warm and full of love. It was very sensitive and had fears, but it made me breathe again and open up my chest and feel sheltered and protected, making the hard, risk diving worth taking.

And there was another characteristic too, which called my attention.
Your heart was estable and constant like a rock.
The paradox.
Sensitive, loving, warm and dense, like a rock.

So, I understood that the deepness and the difficult access was to protect it.
That it would take a long time for it to trust, and to open up like a flower.

You cannot open a flower with your fingers
You have to wait for the right time for it to blossom.

heart dive


It is an unique, loving and valuable heart
Maybe I will take a lifetime to discover and know all its nuances
And several deep dives, because it doesn’t like to reveal itself so easily.
But I felt so much loved since the first look
That I accepted the challenge.
It is a lifetime dive into LOVE
I dive, I dive, I dive.


By MissKhaosland

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