Silent witness


Silent witness

I am dropping my mind;
It has grown like a cancer in my brain,
It has built up walls that I cannot climb,
It has brought me fear and despair.

I am blowing it out;
It is the servant of the devil,
And the salesman of Heaven;
It is the swimming pool of confusion where I’ve drowned in a sputum.

Let me be only a witness,
The silent witness of my consumption;
I am fed up with myself,
And sending my thoughts to the fucking hell.

I am only a ghost,
A poor spectrum of my humanity,
And pretending to know something,
I hide behind trenches of prejudice.

I am purging my arrogant ego
under the blade of a scalpel
I am cutting my wrists
And dying to all that I judged as imperfection.

I am all the flaws that I see,
They are all my reflection;
A thousand broken pieces,
of this ugly mirror I’ve forged.

I am hurting the ones I love most,
I am stabbing my heart and poisoning my blood,
I am caressing the monster of vanity,
and feeding the flames of doubt.

I am leaving my mind behind;
To become only body, heart and soul;
I am knocking down all barriers,
that once made me proud.

I am dying as the one who selects and divides,
To reborn as the silent witness of my life.
This is my leap of faith.
To become truth, love and presence.

By MissKhaosland



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