Chaos and Light



Chaos and Light


Your eyes are a clear sky

Mine, a stormy sea.

The steadiness of you,

The inconsistency of me.

The bright sky in blue,

The green waves stirred.

Let me drag your meanings

Into a deeper feeling

Let me steal you from the shore

with my kissing tides

There, far from the sight

Where the sun rises.

You grant me with healing doses

Of peace and safety;

I give you a maddening turmoil

Of intuition and mystery.

I yearn for my masculine part

Embrace your feminine side

Every morning, I make poetry out of your eyes

In mine, you find a different color each time.

Healing and maddening

Reason and intuition

Safety and mystery

Peace and turmoil

Over there, at the line of the horizon,

The sea touches the sky

Far beyond the sight

Your dreams, the same as mine.

A delicate balance

Of Chaos and Light!


By MissKhaosland

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