On love and fear



On love and fear

Where the roots of violence live, but in fear.

Fear of lacking
Fear of losing
Fear of dying
Fear of living

In each violent act we witness the horror of those who suffer it,
the terror of those who inflict it.
Both victim and torturer are slaves of fear.
At that precise moment, love would be its opposite feeling.

Love to understand
Love to accept
Love to embrace
Love to share

The opposite of love is not hatred
The opposite of love is fear

The more we love, the less we fear
The more we fear, the less we love

The typical reactions to fright are to fight or to flee.
One flees when there is another possibility.
One fights when there is no escape.

Sometimes we need to fight
Sometimes fighting is unnecessary

When violence is dispensable,
What makes one think that there is no escape?
Being locked in one’s own perspective
Being caged in one’s own point of view,
That the only possibility is to die or to kill.

There are no chances for life, for others,
for questions, for doubts,
for the unknown, for the new
for surprises and miracles.

For all these chances to happen,
one needs to be open, empty, willing

From being open, empty, willing,
love is born.

Love fills and invades
the cracks and wounds of our pains
Love refreshes, revitalizes
Relieves, feeds and heals.

Love does not judge,
Love does not condemn,
Love does not exclude,
Love does not punish.

Love surrenders
Love waits
Love includes differences
Love highlights affinities.

Love finds solutions
Love creates opportunities

Practice love daily
as intentions and feelings,
as thoughts and words
as actions and habits.

Love is still the real antidote to violence,
Love is still the best protective shield.

Love is contagious
Love can touch with a smile, with a look,
Love can bring peace.

By MissKhaosland


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