The smell of you



The hours move so slowly,

The longer hand of the clock pulses the painful pace of long minutes.

My head throbs,

I am here and you are not,

I am hungry of you.

My body is hurt,

Bones broken from the struggle against the lack of you.

Images confusing my mind,

Delusions and chills,

I got a fever, the malady of longing.

My senses craving your presence,

Pretend to distinguish a faint smell in the air,

Are you closer to me?

Your smell antecipates your arrival,

It condenses the significance of everything you have been,

The sweet taste of fruit I drink from your lips,

The spicy heat of passion I find in your eyes,

The salt that comes from your skin when you love me

The bitterness of your fear at the thought of being apart.

Your smell overpowers all my senses,

And spreads to every pore, nerve and cell of my body.

When I think of you,

I feel the weight of your strong matter on my frailty,

The warmth of your arms around me, so tight.

Your smell sedates, paralyzes me,

Your smell is a poison,

I am your helpless prey.

And when the melancholy of not being with you,

Takes me off guard,

I search for that old t-shirt,

You have worn so many nights,

And I snuggle up inside of it,

Getting drunk of your smell,

Feeding of your substance,

The remnant of your presence adhered to the cloth

The remnant of your being stuck in my memory.

The hours move so slowly without you,

More than in any other part,

You left your trail on me,

Indelible, undefiled, unquenchable,

The smell of you is the quintessence of me.

By MissKhaosland

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