Paradox – an experience.

I am living comfort and discomfort at the same time, in this point of my life.

Love and abandon.

Peace and despair.

Hope and frustration.

I had not been so aware and so in contact with the paradox, as I am now.

It is so weird, so new, like the taste of a new fruit…

It is there in your mouth, and you cannot say if it is good or bad, but so different.

Actually, no taste is supposed to be good or bad…

No experience is supposed to be good or bad.

It is our judgement based on our preconceptions that determines these qualities.

For me, the most important lesson of Zen is to overcome the judgemental mind.

The same as Tantra.

With different approaches…

Every time you judge, every time you choose, you live the hell of anguish.

Some paths are made for us, others are not…

Some relationships are meant to be, others are not.

And every time you force something to happen, it runs away from you.

For Zen and for Tantra, the paths, the relationships, the events are going to present themselves naturally, suddenly, like magic.

You will be surprised by life, by love.

If it is your path, your relationship, your destiny…

All the Universe will concur for it to happen, naturally, through synchronicity and easiness.

Life and especially Love has to be easy!

IT IS, it happens.

It brings the sense of joy and fulfilment, of belonging.

This is the way of Tantra – to respect you sensations to the utmost.

All that I know is all that I feel – this is Tantra.

Let your sensations guide you, let your body guide you.

Live Tantra.

We can live Zen, but Zen is the absence of choices – to live in the moment, without choices.

I think it’s a little harder to practice it nowadays…

Conceptually, out of a monastery, you can meditate on Zen, you can think like Zen, but practical life demands so many quick decisions…

And then you become Tantra, because your body and your sensations are extremely fast to take decisions.

Think about someone in your life… Think about a path, a possibility…

What do you feel? How does your body react to it?

Do you feel comfort, joy, easiness, love, inspiration, fulfilment, warmth, courage, motivation…?

None of them? But sadness, doubt, anger, stress, lack,  instead…

You don’t need necessarily to have a second option in your life…

If you feel so anguished, drop it.

If you feel so inspired and easy, take it.

Your mind can lie to you, your body and your sensations cannot.

Idealize Zen…

Be Tantra…

Both conduct to the same, the extinction of ego and of the judgemental mind.

With different approaches…

For practical life, the Tantra principle is:

Drop all that is noxious and makes you feel bad.

Take all that is salutary and makes you feel good…

For yourself, for people, for all living beings, for the planet.


RINDRind – M.C. Escher


By MissKhaosland


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