Reality in hands

Reality in hands

Reality in hands,
I comprehend my past
I generate my future.

My dreams are made in rhymes, in rhythms
My dreams are made of love and beauty
My hopes are made for life, for people.

If I can’t make money out of poetry and music
I can make verses and songs out of what I live
And move the world with love and beauty.

I can put my hands on your chest
And awaken your heart
I can invite you to dance,
And encourage us to sing.

I can ask for attitude
And show some attitude
I can build it differently
And try it better.

I realize that
To know is to do it
And only the present moment can make it real.

I can hear a soft melody
coming from outside,
It is everywhere.

I am not alone anymore
We share good dreams
I have noticed it in your attitude
When you look at mine.

I can see we dancing and singing together
I can feel our dreams coming true.
Reality in our hands
Since we know, we can do it

And we do it now.

By MissKhaosland





“Um sonho que se sonha só, é só um sonho que se sonha só, mas sonho que se sonha junto é realidade.”

“A dream dreamed alone is only a dream; but a dream dreamed together is reality.”

Raul Seixas

4 thoughts on “Reality in hands

  1. Ciao lovely Miss Caos

    I found you.. I read you… this one is good!… ( only 2x attitude me enfastidia un peu..)
    I had the same experience some years ago when I decided to ‘marry’my faith+ not feel shame but liberated……Great Events…Nothing changed of Cause… Everything Changed
    I’ve no better words then yours cause they are so true:
    To Know Is To do It – exactly the same everything ‘felt on it’s place “..
    SuzySchnabel Was here Ja Ja XXX


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