Take it on trust

On trust

All initiatives are based on trust.

All confidence is based on trust.

All actions are based on trust.

All kind of relationships are based on trust.

Trust yourself first,

Then trust others.

Trust, like love,  is energy which moves the universe.

Is trust love?

An expression of it.

When you love you don’t expect return, YOU LOVE!!

When you trust you must not expect return either,

Not in the form of reciprocal trust, not in the form of loyalty,

Because it would make trust unpractical.

Trust is not about looking forward a result,

Trust is the power to face any outcome.

Trust yourself, trust others, trust life.

You don’t trust because of others,

You trust because of you.

If you don’t trust, you don’t start any relationship, you don’t do anything, you don’t live!


Be trustworthy.

Start to live now!

by MissKhaosland



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