Love in Khaosland #3 – Am I in nonsense?

All out of ideas today, so… gonna post something totally different of what I have been doing, I mean nonsense!!

Then, I can’t see how it is possibly related to me, or…someone, or…something and… love.

Have you ever really loved a woman?

Maybe, it is not about what happened, who it was, it is all about how you feel, about your inner sense.

Brian Fantana:  I think I was in love once.
Ron Burgundy:  Really? What was her name?
BF: I don’t remember.
RB: That’s not a good start, but keep going.
BF: She was Brazilian, or Chinese, or something weird. I met her in the bathroom of a K-Mart and we made love for hours. Then we parted ways, never to see each other again.
RB: I’m pretty sure that’s not love.
BF: Damn it! ¹

Who said it was not love?? Pure innocence, it is just another perspective!!

But I am pretty sure it reminded you of the song, Brian Adam’s.

It is so romantic!!

However, if you got caught in a bad romance, lyrics would be very different:

To really love a woman, to understand her
You’ve got to know her deep inside
In rear is her every thought, and to hit her grim
Give her winds when she wants to fart
Then when you find yourself lying (you f@cking liar)
Hopeless in her arms
You know you really screwed up a woman

When you love a woman
You tell her that she’s really wanted ( why? did you rob a bank, sell alcohol to minors?)
When you love a woman
You tell her that she’s the one (your partner, your accomplice in the crime?)
Cause she needs somebody to tell her (the justice?)
That it’s gonna last forever (life imprisonment…did you also kill somebody?)
So tell me, have you ever really
Really, really ever f@cked a woman? ²

And why would you both need to wear masks? Oh, don’t tell me it is the “Don Juan DeMarco” fetish!!

But who said it is not love?? Pure innocence, it is just another perspective.




1- Dialogue was extracted from the movie Anchorman – the legend of Ron Burgundy.

2 – I would like to make it clear that this is just a musical parody of the magnificent song composed by Brian Adams. It is an absolute success since it was launched and at the moment this awkward parody is being posted its official video has reached 38.562.670 views!!

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