With Wide Open Arms

snapshot jaredMusician, actor, director Jared Leto during the filming of the series GREAT WIDE OPEN


With Wide Open Arms

Gestures, postures and attitudes are an expression of mental dispositions and feelings.
Gestures, postures and attitudes greatly influence mental dispositions and feelings.

The Universe is far from being determined by dichotomies and there are infinite possibilities between the light and the dark, the positive and the negative, the simple and the complex, closed and open, love and fear.

Nevertheless our nervous system perceives the environment and encodes and decodes information in terms of contrasts and dichotomies.

We tend to classify our experiences as positive or negative.
Positive experiences are sought and desired. Negative ones are avoided, repelled or feared.

Depending on the messages and the ideas that we received in our childhood or depending on our past experiences, we go on shaping mental dispositions, ways of reaction, gestures, postures and attitudes.

20160717_175847 The purple sunset during one of my bike rides


In general, our sensorial system is much more impressed by negative experiences than positive ones.

Imagine two experiments with diametrically opposite stimuli.

You are placed barefoot before several different curtains which reveal different numbered rooms and environments.

In the first trial you have the freedom to choose the rooms randomly and find out that all of them are neutral to your perception except for one that offers a more pleasant temperature on the floor, soothing colors, a delightful aroma, putting no obstacle to your way out.

In the second trial you have the same freedom to choose the rooms and find out that all of them are neutral to your perception except for one that offers a burning floor, in the midst of a frightening gloom, a repulsive odor and several mirrors that hinder and puzzle your way out.

Can you predict which room would you remember more promptly after the two experiments?
Would you remember the number of the room that brought the pleasant or the disastrous experience?

Believe me, you will remember immediately, you will hardly mistake the number of the room which brought unpleasant and threatening sensations; they impressed your mind and your memory markedly; you need to avoid this room in the next attempt as a way to preserve your life.

This modus operandi offers competitive advantages for survival and the preservation of species, but it also means that we base our mental dispositions, ways of reaction, postures and attitudes much more in terms of the negative experiences than the positive ones.

Actually, we spend much more energy trying to avoid disastrous and negative experiences than seeking, desiring or creating the positive.

Along the time, with age, we tend to close ourselves for life, for human relations, for the environment, for love.
This is reflected in our attitude and our gestures.
Most of us get deformed, bent, contracted, unsmilling; we look down, blocking the flow of energy, getting sick, aging and degenerating.

Despite the physiological wearing and death being natural processes, I do not believe that illness, aging and degeneration are as relentless as they have been observed, lived and considered in our society.

We can experience it differently, since we understand this modus operandi and start to dissolve fears, resistances and tendencies to degenerate, to close and contract ourselves to life.

2016-07-10-18-44-27~2 (2)

Outdoor sports and activities, contact with the environment and integration with Nature favors and promotes this opening. Therein lies the true healing power of Mother Earth; it absorbs all this negativity and moves us to experience, to life, to observation, to the environment, to relationships, to love.

It becomes visibly reflected in our attitude, our posture and gestures.

In contact with nature, we feel the urge to wide open our arms, to inspire, lift up the trunk, to look up, relax the face, smile, release the flow of energy triggering the healing wisdom in our body and psyche; we comprehend better, we rejuvenate, we glimpse new horizons, we dream, we regenerate and build up better realities.

renan_ozturk_null (2)Jared Leto close to the edge at the classic Yosemite National Park Taft Point overlook. Picture by Renan Ozturk.

We get into the stream to which we belong, that inexorably leads us from the darkness to the light, from ignorance to awareness, from violence and hatred to inner peace, from tirany to freedom, from fear to love.

I dedicate this text to the love of my life, in whom I have noticed this positive and ecstatic movement of reintegration.

I dedicate this text to all men and women whose initiative, whose intuition, whose noble ideals have driven them back to this contact with the Mother Earth, to the respect for the environment and all living species, to the integration with the healing powers of Nature, to awareness, to LIGHT and LOVE.

An example of this initiative towards integration is the series of short films Great Wide Open to premier exclusively on @VyRT, July 25th, 2016.



Trailer for Great Wide Open – a series of short films directed by Jared Leto, celebrating America’s wild spaces and the incredible adventures of the ones who explore them.


By MissKhaosland




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